Live With Mom
Links - Similar website where most of the LWM members ended up. - - See what LWM looked like in 2004. - Official website of Jim Rome and his sports radio talk show, The Jungle. was a Jim Rome fansite from June 2004 to May 2005. It featured a forum, chat room, takebox (Jim Rome soundclips), arcade, and the infamous 'Scoreboard' where a point system was set up for callers and emailers.

The "Mom" members broke themselves into groups, or crews, most notably the West Coast Area Code Crew (WCACC), 3rd Coast Crew (3CC), Rocky Mountain Crew (RMC), and the No Coast Crew (NCC). The downfall of the site began when members of the WCACC were having problems with the admins, pushing the envelope a little too far. This resulted in a few bans in which other crew members disagreed with. A member of the crew started a forum on for the outcast members of the Mom, which soon became available to everyone once the admin at LWM began to ban everyone that joined the Stucknut forum. Within a month went away and started to take off. The clone civil war was a topic on the Jim Rome show which helped Stucknut's popularity.